Ludic Strokes

Set of works done on canvas and on paper. During the period 1990/1999. In these works the possibilities of the childlike stroke are explored, the spontaneous, the expressive of a clumsy line but charged with energy. Picasso once said that it took him several years to learn to paint like the great masters of the past, but his whole life to learn to paint like children. These works are the synthesis of what would later be one of my most important investigations, in the pictorial field. There are works from my student epoch, such as the case of the drawings, as well as works that were exhibited in individual exhibitions. I remember that at that time I was very interested in Dubuffet's work, what he called ART BRUT, or that art developed by children and people without artistic education, something without a doubt very interesting and profound. Ludic Strokes is a tribute to that period of my artistic work.

Available in editions and NFTs.

This is my collection Ludic Strokes as crypto art or NFTs.