Gems of sacred combinations

In my book The Healing Power of Color, the Master explains to Kumar that there are 7 states of being, each of which has a sacred combination on the sacred-symbolic color wheel. The colors that make up this sacred-symbolic chromatic circle are red, orange, yellow, green, pink, blue, indigo, violet, white and gold. The 7 states of being and their combinations are: VITALITY: red, orange and yellow. HOPE: orange, yellow and green. FULLNESS: yellow, green and pink. DEEP HEALING: green, pink and blue. WISDOM: blue, indigo and violet. BALANCE: purple, white and gold. SELF-KNOWLEDGE: white, gold and red. Each sacred combination has the power to balance a state of being, exposure to all sacred combinations balances all states of being. The Master tells Kumar that all emotional and mental problems stem from the imbalance of the 7 states of being. Sacred combinations gems are the balance.

All these artworks was made by digital media. Year 2018.

Available in editions and NFTs.

This is my collection Gems of sacred combinations as crypto art or NFTs.