Chapter 01 of the book The Healing power of color

In this chapter the Master continues to explain to Kumar about the sacred symbolic chromatic circle, he also talks about the tunnel of existence.


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Chapter 01 The Healing power of color.

Sacred-symbolic chromatic circle

Kumar: Master, can you explain to me about the sacred-symbolic chromatic circle?

Master: As I explained to you at the beginning, this circle was formed from the colors of the chakras, they moved from their vertical alignment, first forming a hill and then a circle, but at the same time three additional colors appeared, pink, white and gold. Being more specific, if you see the sacred-symbolic chromatic circle, you will find that next to green is pink, next to indigo is violet, and in the last spaces are white and gold. In this way it is a chromatic circle of 10 colors, seeing it clockwise, starting with the first space on the upper axis is red, followed by orange, yellow, green, pink, blue, indigo, violet, white and gold, with the union of gold and red the circle is closed, this union I call the union of the superior with the earthly or self-knowledge.

At the same time, unexpectedly, this circle was transformed into a habitable space, a space with walkable colored chambers, from where the particular power of each dimension of color can be perceived. This actually gave rise to my meditations in the tunnel of color or I also call it the tunnel of existence.

As you can see it is like a giant donut, but inside it is a tunnel of color, the transit through each color space, through each color dimension, starting from red to gold, has a profound healing effect, completely balances all emotions, and produces great happiness and desire to embrace life.

The tunnel of existence

Kumar: Master, you said that before this tunnel had been a hill, what is the tunnel of existence?

Master: Well, if that's the case, when I began to contemplate the colors of the chakras they were a vertical line and that spatial idea led me to create the hill of existence, but I saw that hill as very flat and felt the need for something more experiential. This is how this marvelous tunnel manifested itself, which for some is the tunnel of color, I prefer to call it the tunnel of existence, because in fact, going through this tunnel is similar to going through life, we go from one space to another, and in each one we are learning things, even unlearning things, it is a transformative and deeply spiritual experience, here you can understand what the sacred dimension of color is and how it works. This is the epitome of transcendental meditation on color.

Let's go inside and I'll explain its meaning.

Starting with the red space, the red dimension; breathe and feel the energy of vitality, of life, of existence, here is your root, my root, and the roots of all. Here there is earth and there is a specific vibration personified in a sacred word LAM, this sound harmonizes the energy of the root chakra or the first chakra. Everything that is contrary to red here can be harmonized. In fact, most people have this chakra blocked and are not aware of it, this blockage prevents energy from flowing to the other chakras.

Kumar: but Master, what blocks this root chakra?

Master: there are several factors that produce this blockage, but I can tell you that the main culprits are fear in all its forms, worthlessness and rejection. Work must be done on this, otherwise the person will always be circling the same thing, like a boat with an anchor dropped, no matter how much they want to advance, the anchor stops them and makes them turn and turn, without advancing.

Kumar: what can be done to unlock the root chakra?

Master: return the natural state of vitality, worthiness and acceptance. In this sense, the stimulus of red and green helps a lot, accompanied by affirmations of power to introduce new beliefs into the subconscious.

Keep in mind something Kumar, the chakras are actually spaces where there is a large amount of data stored, they are encrypted ancestral memory, there is the information from our family memories, from our previous lives, everything is there, and the most impressive thing is that we are in the capacity to rewrite all that data if it is not healthy, if it is toxic, healthy and fresh data can be introduced, in order to create a new state of being and connect with our life mission.

Let's continue our tour.

Immediately after we leave the red dimension, we enter the orange dimension, here the energy is one of hope, later when we talk about the seven states of being I will explain in more detail the compositions with orange. This is the second chakra or the sacral chakra, here sexuality, the sense of trust, hope in life come together, the sacred syllable that governs the orange dimension is VAM, the element here is water and the energy is creation, of procreation even, here the creative processes are balanced, it is ideal to meditate on the gestation of projects and new works, also to connect with the creative self. I love being here and meditating that I am inside a great sacred river like the Ganges, and I see it orange, the effect of the river water, the sound of the water rushing, are powerfully harmonizing.

Later we enter the yellow dimension, yellow is transformation, change, progress, development, but it is also joy, jubilation, success, genius, abundance, prosperity and wealth. The predominant element is fire, heat, yellow has the power to dissolve depression, pain, melancholy and sadness. The sacred syllable of the yellow dimension is RAM.

These first three colors, red, orange and yellow, are what I call the trilogy of vitality and make up the composition that stimulates this state of being, vitality.

Then we entered the green dimension, this is one of my favorites, I told you that it was mainly in green that I found relief from my pain, because it is so, we are in the fourth chakra, the heart chakra, the residence of the soul and of the Supersoul or representation of God in the heart, the all-seeing witness. The one who sees everything we do and think.

Green is neither cold nor hot and at the same time it is both. I think that this chakra is the most important of all because it has the power to be in the middle of the cold and warm chakras, that is, it sends and receives from both parties. Love nourishes everything downwards and upwards, it is like the great balance, and it makes sense because as described in the Bhagavad Gita, the heart is the seat of the soul and Supersoul. In the Gita the analogy of the heart as a tree is used, where two birds are perched, one is the soul residing in the body, and the other is Antarjami, the witness, the manifestation of the Supreme Lord as Paramatma the Supersoul, present in the body, in the heart of all living entities, even in atoms. From there comes the importance of this chakra, of this energy center.

This is the dimension of love, compassion, devotion, acceptance, mercy, gratitude. The syllable that vibrates in this green dimension is YAM, the predominant element is air.

Kumar feel the wonderful healing energy of green, breathe healing from love, feel the breeze touch your whole being and immerse yourself in the embrace of universal compassion.

Next we enter the pink or pink dimension, here the energy is of affection and tenderness, similar to green but more subdued, softer, like being with a baby, it is a very particular energy, you feel a lot of tenderness and softness. The sacred syllable, the mantra and the element are maintained as in the green dimension, YAM and the air.

We continue advancing and we arrive at the blue dimension, it is a light blue, although it is quite intense. Here some very interesting processes take place, we are in the fifth chakra, the energy is of freedom, of expression, of contact with transcendence, from here the creative processes are also stimulated but from the expressive. The element that governs this dimension is ether or sound. The mantra heard in the blue dimension is HAM. The link between blue and the sky is inescapable, it is given tacitly, it is the color of immensity, of space, of the unlimited. Freedom is breathed here, the power to fly, the infinite space, is a powerful antidote against repression and mental limitations.

Next we arrive at the indigo dimension, here we are in the sixth chakra, the energy between the eyebrows, the pineal gland, the energy is of mental powers, intuition, extra sensory perception, deep vision, thought, control of the senses, wisdom, the element predominant is space, the mantra or sacred syllable that balances this dimension is OO. Take a deep breath and feel how the deep indigo blue enters your consciousness, like a beam from a giant sapphire, settles on your being and completely covers it. This is in my opinion the most mystical of all colors, along with violet, with which it shares the same energy.

Leaving the indigo dimension, we enter the violet dimension. When I am here, a large amethyst cave always comes to my mind, a very intense violet. Like the indigo dimension, mystery, the unknown, the deep, that which is beyond the obvious, wisdom and enlightenment predominate here. On the other hand, violet itself is a fairly complex color and the emotions linked to this color are equally complex as the aforementioned disgust, envy and many fears are violet tones.

We continue our journey through the tunnel of existence and we arrive at the white chamber, the white dimension, we are in the seventh and last chakra, in the crown chakra. Here purity and total minimalism predominate, the serenity felt in this space is incredible, the most pious things I can think come to my mind, kindness, helping others, support, generosity, altruism It is the space of balance par excellence. The mantra or sacred syllable is the AUM or the sacred Omkara, the element is light. From this space it is possible to achieve states of absolute stillness, peace of mind and harmony.

Upon entering the last chamber, the golden one, we are in the upper part of the seventh chakra, the energy is totally spiritual, of universal mercy, an innate desire to thank is felt, and it is that here gratitude is the protagonist, just like in the white dimension, the mantra is AUM, and the light is very strong and illuminates the entire area. From here we can connect with the highest, with the deepest spirituality. On the other hand, it is not easy to stay here for a long time, it is as if this dimension only allows you to be in it for short periods of time, it is something mystical, but it is so.

There is something very interesting in this journey through the tunnel of existence, it refers to the meeting point between both dimensions, on the border between one dimension and another, very interesting things happen there, a mixed energy of transition, unity and tension is felt It is as if two magnets were attracting and repelling each other at the same time.

The tunnel of existence, from indigo to violet.