Book The healing power of color

Praface of the book The healing power of color.


6/2/20234 min read

This book is a wonderful journey, a novel style narration from two characters, the Master and his pupil Kumar, who weave a wonderful story around the Master's experiences on the healing power of color.

In no way does the Master have the intention of establishing new color theories, rather he nourishes his experiences with those of those who traveled the path before him, such as Goethe, Kandinsky, Itten, Josef Albers, to name some of the most relevant, because they also It is important to mention the personal revelations that the teacher has with color. Since it is a narration about his experiences with the healing aspect of color, the Master places said theorists as context, as very important references of extensive research, over many years.

Everything exposed by the teacher, is the result of having put it into practice with himself and with his students, whenever he shows Kumar some aspect of his wisdom about the healing power of color, he does it with a practical sense, of application as a healing technique.

The Master tells Kumar that there is a great affinity between the temperature of color and the temperature of emotions, and finds the possibility of providing a healing technique with color, based on the contrast of complementary, opposite colors on the color wheel. They are pairs red-green, orange-blue and yellow-violet. This is one of the most important and interesting contributions of the Master, since as the reader will discover, this is the basis of the healing principle that is later fully developed in the capsule of existence.

With this simple but powerful technique of complementary contrast, the Master offers a healing technique based on the application of the opposite color, that is, a cold color is applied to a warm emotion to achieve balance, and a warm color is applied to a cold emotion. An example is depression, very common in today's society, well depression is purple (cold color), and its cure is yellow (warm color), which is joy and happiness.

Just as there is the basic chromatic circle of 6 colors, known to all, made up of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. For the master there is another chromatic circle that he calls the sacred-symbolic chromatic circle, and it contains the 7 colors of the chakras, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, plus 3 additional colors, pink, white and gold. Remaining a chromatic circle of red, orange, yellow, green, pink, blue, indigo, violet, white and gold.

The Master tells Kumar that this peculiar chromatic circle arose from his meditations on the colors of the chakras, these jumped into space and became a chromatic circle, but even more so they took on a habitable form and gave life to the tunnel of existence, a space in the shape of a giant donut, divided inside into 10 color spaces, in this way the Master takes Kumar to live the experience of each color dimension, making this fabulous journey through the tunnel of existence, also known like the color tunnel.

But in turn, this tunnel acquires very marked igneous characteristics, becoming a great cave, so the Master takes Kumar to discover the cave of existence, which is enigmatic and a challenge to overcome fears.

Then the Master narrates to Kumar the theme of the 7 states of being and their color combinations, how he considers that the disharmony of these 7 states of being is the cause of all emotional imbalances. These 7 states of being are: VITALITY (red-orange-yellow), HOPE (orange-yellow-green), FULLNESS (yellow-green-pink), HEALING (green-pink-blue), WISDOM (blue-indigo-violet), BALANCE (purple-white-gold) AND SELF-KNOWLEDGE (white-gold-red). The Master also offers a powerful immersive technique to reach the balance of the 7 states of being, called Chromatic Attack.

Kumar walks through all this wisdom and knows the tunnel of existence, the cave of existence, the capsule of existence or the magic dome and the forest of existence. In each of these spaces he learns different aspects of color and its healing possibilities.

Of all these healing spaces with color, the capsule of existence has great relevance, since it is an intelligent dome, capable of reading the temperature of emotions and providing a chromatic response that provides emotional balance. The Master tells Kumar that certain words, mantras and prayers, likewise activate the healing color responses in the capsule of existence, also known as the magic dome.

In the final chapters of the book, the Master describes to Kumar the concept of the Type Color (that color linked to nature and the person's self-image), as well as his list of emotions classified by color.

The Master is an artist who finds in the healing power of color a powerful tool and as he himself describes it:

Through my artistic work, focused on the healing power of color, I offer the world a wonderful experience, through which people can find internal balance, heal from the roots and find their mission in life.

Finally the Master reveals to Kumar: My dear Kumar, the sole purpose of wealth is to bring joy and happiness to the world, and my work is my great wealth, I want to see a joyful and happy world by coming in contact with it, so be it, done is.

As the reader can imagine, the Master has an unusual approach to the subject of color and its healing power, I invite you to delve into the contents and ideas of this book, immersing yourself in the magic of color and its healing power, I assure you that when you start reading you will not want to put the book down until you finish it, and when you finish it you will be left with a feeling, with a wish that it had not finished.

My best wishes for you.